Polish courses in Wrocław


We organize Polish language courses for foreigners – with us you can learn Polish effectively and quickly! Courses are organized in Wroclaw. We teach both individuals who want to learn Polish, but also we have classes designed for larger groups, including in-company courses. We provide education of the highest level of training with educated and experienced teachers. Choose now a Polish for foreigners course that suits you the most, and then contact us to find out more – learning with AB POLONIA is the best choice!

- individual

The most flexible and comfortable teaching form. You yourself decide how long and how intensive the course should be. It may either consist of classes held twice or three times a week or become very intensive with up to even 15 – 30 hours a week. We come to the place where you want to study: your office or your home. Our teachers always adjust to your pace of learning and create the most effective tasks. Everyone is different – visual, auditory, kinesthetic – we arrange the classes to adjust to your style of learning.

How many people? 1 person + teacher
Aim: learn quickly & feel comfortable
For: shy and ambitious people who do not prefer learning in groups

- mini-groups

Two to four people learn together. The classes may take place in an office, in a private house or in our classroom. The participants can decide how long and how intensive the course should be. It is the best choice for people who want to learn with a group of friends – it is a great opportunity to spend time together after work, share your thoughts, and talk about the events you have experienced.

How many people? 2-4 people + teacher
Aim: learn quickly & have fun
For: people who want to learn with friends and use Polish language to talk about their lives.

- groups
It does not matter what your level is – Polish courses in Wrocław are designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. We meet twice a week for 90 minutes and this Polish for foreigners course in the centre of Wrocław includes 60 lessons of 45 minutes each.

How many people? 5-8 people + teacher
Aim: learn quickly & meet new friends
For: people who cannot imagine learning individually

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